Welcome Back!


Today saw the return of conditioning to my programming…only 3 months after Regionals! I felt kinda sick in the build up to it.  I felt the need to attack ‘Diane’ today. I had a complete melt down in Copenhagen during the WOD. The occasion got the better of me and I PB’d my strict HSPUs…not a good idea during this WOD. Today I attacked it the way I planned to during Regionals…the end result? OVER 4 MINUTES FASTER. It was legit too, with someone watching all the way through. Oh, by the way, day 2 of no sugar has/is going well.





Tuesday 4th September

3×5 snatch grip push press – 80-90-100kg 

I need to work on not being so soft at the bottom of my snatch…hopefully this will help.

3×5 bench pull – 80-90-100kg

Just some pulling volume, more in the tank


For time:


Deadlift, 102.5kg



I paced the HSPUs (all strict), 7-7-7, then 5-5-3-2, then 3,3,1,2,1. Pacing the deadlifts made life SO much easier too. That was another problem at Regionals…no rest between the rounds of HSPUs!

Considering this was my first metcon since the 4th event in Copenhagen (over 14 weeks ago), setting a 37 second PB made me very happy indeed! I do need to learn to kip though!

A sign of things to come? Lets hope so!


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