Tough Day At The Office

Wow! This the first day that I’ve seen no progression in at least one lift since starting this program. Everything felt rough today. It’s almost like my body is telling its time for a deload week before starting the next phase…and right on cue – I have a deload week next week.
I can’t really complain though, I lifted within 95% of my maxes.

1RM snatch – 95kg (I got 102.5 overhead but I was soft on the catch)

3RM back squat – 180kg (I got 190 for a single, I just lost my head coming out of the next rep)

3RM press – 75kg (I pressed 77.5 for 2 reps)

On reflection I should be fairly satisfied with the session but I was hoping to continue my progress with the snatch…The next phase should see to that…hopefully!

How has your training gone today?


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