WOD – Cleans, Plyos and Sprints

June 27th 2012

Today I visited Lee Valley Athletics Stadium to spend some time with UK Athletics (UKA) and in particular, Dan Pfaff. The guy is like Yoda – it was amazing to spend just a little time with him, watching him work and getting some insightful one-liners from him. It was also awesome to train at a facility being used to prep GB athletes for the 2012 Olympics!

5×2 cleans from blocks – 117.5kg

2 minutes rest between sets


5×3 Russian Stops – final set with hurdles at 1.07m (how 110m hurdlers get over these at such a pace is incredible!)

2 minutes rest between sets


5x 20m sprints

Full recovery

By the way – the second part of the Todd Hargrove post on ‘Who Is The Best Athlete In The World?’ is out. Check it out here!

Oh by the way…#London2012


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