WOD – Pulling, Handstands and Levers

June 26th 2012

4×5 Prone Pull – 90-100(PB)-95–95

20 minutes of ME handstand walks – hit a new PB of 23.8m…very pleased!

20 minutes of ring work – complex of: strict MU, tuck planche, roll through, tuck front lever, inverted hang, back lever, skin the cat, L hold. Approximately 3 second holds in each position. I’ll film it next week!

On a separate note – I’m heading to Lee Valley Athletics Stadium tomorrow to spend some time with a UK Athletics sprint coach. Unfortunately, most of the big guns will be heading to the European Championships this weekend but it’ll be an interesting day for sure! Plus I’ll get to train at an awesome facility AND do my sprint session on a track. Good times! I’ll post photos to twitter during the day tomorrow…stay tuned!


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