I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, I.Love.My.Job.

Everyday I get to work with people who want to make themselves better in their chosen sport. Mostly, they come to me having had no expose to strength and conditioning let a lone a gym or barbell. The words squat, deadlift and Olympic lifting all draw blank, and in some cases very worried, looks from the prospective athletes. Within months, through their own hard work and application end up doing things they never thought possible! None more so than the Girls Rugby Academy that I work with. Some come into the Academy able to control their limbs. I mean, watching them running is like watching Bambi learn to walk!

Last night I was involved in the Hartpury College Girls Rugby Academy presentation evening where I gave out an S&C award. The award was to be given to the girl who most ‘bought in’ to the program not just who was putting up the biggest numbers. The winner had to show a great attitude, apply herself in every session…doing any extra work required, taking responsibility for her lifestyle and recovery. It just so happens that, this year, the winner was also one of the stars in the gym. By March 2012 she  back squatted 95×5, front squatted 75×5, power snatched nearly 50kg and push pressed 55×5…after only starting to lift in September 2011 and the girl is just 17!

We also got to celebrate the fact that 5 of of girls represented England U20s, most were 17 years old winning their first cap! In fact, today, there is a U20s training camp where 3 MORE of our girls are attending! I’m proud to be associated with these girls. They all work extremely hard to represent their country in a sport that isn’t going to give them any financial reward. GREAT WORK GIRLS!

Did I mention I love my job!?



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