The Credible Hulk


I spend my time reading some great blogs: Ben Bruno, Bret Contreras, Greg Lehman, Jason Ferruggia…I could go on. The blogs posts are generally backed up with logical and scientific reasoning – thus making them credible. These bloggers not only write well, they have the experience AND academic credentials to back the posts up. Whilst there are many bloggers without the academic qualifications who write great posts; there are others who post absolute rubbish with no logic or scientific data to back up. Today I came across one such blog.

The first two posts I came across were entitled: Unboxing of the Best Exercise Machine in the World and Gravity Based Exercise Equipment vs. Motorized Exercise Machines.  Just the thought of someone posting about the use of exercise machines disturbed my slightly. Then I came across this post – Barbell Squat : the Worst Exercise in Existence?

The video and article rubbish the back squat with ridiculous statements such as ‘‎”A barbell squat is the equivalent of loading your triceps through your feet, upside down against a wall.” I mean, isn’t that a handstand push up (which is another awesome exercise)!? And other statements such as that the Olympic Lifts ‘do not belong in any well thought out exercise plan because they are not exercises, they are physical movements that look like exercise movements.’ WHAT!!!???

Some of you might now be questioning why I’m giving this blog EXTRA attention when it probably should be pulled from the internet. I’m trying to help people separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ (not a very paleo statement, I know) 😉

I want people to question EVERYTHING they read. Unfortunately, ANYBODY can post ANYTHING on the internet, so make sure you form your own opinions on everything you read – even what you read on this  blog!

I’m off for a cold shower – I need to calm myself down!


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