Welcome back to HSPUs

My shoulder is causing some concern. I’ve been battling with some kind of impingement, on and off, for about 8 months. Today’s WOD was loaded with HSPUs and it wasn’t until the 3 round that I had a pain free rep – by which time I was fatiguing FAST! I need to construct a warm-up that will activate the area without causing fatigue as I know that there’ll be HSPUs at Regionals…something to think about!

I’ll be posting an athlete profile on Dan Edwards later. Keep a look out, this kid is getting stronger by the second!

Tuesday’s Session

20 minutes to establish a max snatch


This was my focus today


12 minute AMRAP

6 squat snatch, 60kg


6 rounds + 1 snatch

I can’t wait to see what state my shoulders are in tomorrow!


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