Friday Funday & Open WOD 12.5

I didn’t get to attempt this workout last year as I was nursing a ruptured PCL. After a few, fairly mediocre performances; I feel that I’ve just about redeemed myself on this WOD. I totaled 141 reps (18 rounds + 15 thrusters). If I’m being honest I got a little soft in the final minute and I dumped the bar rather than resting in the front rack…nevermind!

The Open has proved that I’m lacking a little bit when the WODs get longer, which means some lovely volume increases between now and Regionals…if I get there!

On a separate note: we had a testing session with our Girls Rugby Academy (16-18yo) today. They tested their 1RM power snatch for the first time today and they didn’t disappoint – with an average of 38.5kg and two girls crushing 50kg! The squat average has jumped 10kg in the past 3 months, with two girls squatting 90kg or more FOR 5 REPS! One athlete owned 95×5 at a body weight of 67.5kg, and she’s only been lifting since September 2011.

All these results have been made using a simple linear progression model. Who’d have thought that simple was effective, right!? They are a pleasure to work with!

95×5 at 67.5kg BW





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