Lots of people are still talking about the burpee WOD. We are yet to see muscle ups, double unders or any other skilled movement that is going to split the field a little more.

Personally, I’m still holding out for a really heavy element in the middle of the workout. I’m also praying that it’s not going to be double unders this week as my left calf is still strapped up after a minor tear during 12.3 lat Thursday. This means that it probably WILL be double unders this week because that’s how my luck rolls!

Whatever comes up, I’ve got to make sure that I score high. I didn’t pace 12.3 very well at all, and i burned out very fast (and picked up an injury). I need two strong weeks to ensure I make it to Copenhagen. Then who knows what can happen, right!?

Let me know your thoughts on 12.4.


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