‎Today has been FUN!

Work started with a testing session for the Junior Rugby Academy (16-18yo). The results show an AVERAGE increase of 10kg on the squat, 6kg on the press (both 5RM), 5kg on the power cleans (1RM) and 6 pulls (max reps). Good start to the day!

This afternoon the Girls Rugby Academy crushed their volume work. Some squatting more than previous 5RM load for 3×5! BOOMSAUCE!

Then the coaches had their fun!

A good coach, and a good friend of mine, wrote an article entitled ‘Do Something Difficult Sessions’ – check it out. Our session today was inspired by the article! Cheers buddy!

Fridays Session

Partner WOD

30min AMRAP

Only one person working at a time. Complete the 1st station and rest while other partner completes it and then move on!

20m Yoke Carry, 180kg (10m turnaround. Yoke MUST be turned, not dropped)

40m Farmers Carry, 145kg (20m turnaround. Handles MUST be turned, not dropped)

5 Axle Push Press, 60kg (Axle MUST be cleaned from the ground)

5 Tire Flips, 120kg

19 rounds + yoke carry



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