That’ll do Donkey…that’ll do

I hit some power snatch yesterday for the first time in quite a while. I woke up this morning and checked the games site…GREAT, MORE SNATCHES! I hit 90kg for a single yesterday – tweaking my back AND my shoulder in the process. Not a good start!

I was quite nervous about hitting the WOD all day. Partly about my back and shoulder, partly because I hate Isabel (which was the 2nd round!).

3, 2, 1, GO!

I broke the first round down to 3×10, just like Froning and Bailey…that’s where the similarity ends! Round 2, a.k.a Isabel, I managed to hit 10×3, touch and go. I got through the second round in 3 minutes, which is an Isabel PB!

Changing the load from 62.5kg to 75kg took me about a minute! The first 10 reps of the 75kg round were awful. It felt heavy and slow, I missed a rep too. I wasn’t moving my feet. I was trying to pull the bar too high (as per usual!). The 10 reps took me about 3 minutes. With about 1:30 remaining I made the decision to squat snatch. The reps weren’t full squat snatches, however, I started to move my feet and get under the bar. This allowed me to increase the pace, massively. I got through the next 11 reps in the remaining time, leaving me with a total of 81 reps. 

Whilst I’m happy and comfortable with the total, I can’t help wonder how close to 90 reps I’d have been had I made the change earlier. Am I going to do it again…


Good luck to you all, if you haven’t done it already!


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