Back to what I know…and like best!

I’m not going to lie, the Open WOD (12.1) sucked BIG TIME! I don’t like burpees and I don’t feel like I’m well suited to them. They make me feel heavy and cumbersome. Today I hit some C&J and the burpees even made that feel cumbersome and slow…I mean – COME ON!

Today, Coach let me have some ‘fun’ as a reward for doing something that I REALLY didn’t want to do yesterday!

Fridays Session

Clean and Jerk to heavy single

115kg (things just weren’t firing today. 120 went overhead comfortably but my footwork was just way off)

Followed by: 3 sets, at 100kg, of:

2x Front squat

1x Jerk

Then the really fun part!!


5 rounds for time:

12 deadlift, 70kg

9 hang power clean, 70kg

6 push jerk, 70kg

6:39 (a 1 second PB! EVERY SECOND COUNTS, right!?)


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