And So It Begins…

My first competitive CrossFit event was at CrossFit Velocity in 2009. March 2010, I won the UK Sectional in Mildenhall. Early April and my wife had a massive

car accident whilst 38 weeks pregnant. CrossFit HQ arranged for me to compete in the North East Regional amongst the likes of Hobart, Orlando, Maleollo and Tyminski – to name but a few! Somehow I managed to sublux a ribhead…competition over!

Turn to 2011 – things were going well, then the Saturday before Open WOD 4 I tore my PCL playing rugby…game over, AGAIN!

2012 – Here we are, on the eve of the Open. Am I anxious to find out what the WOD is? I can honestly say no.

Why? Because I’m not worried about it. Training has been going well…REALLY well. The way we sacrificed my conditioning last year, to get strong, has had a hugely positive effect on my training. I feel it has helped improve my capacity – I mean; the strength gains mean that I don’t have to let go of the bar as often. This should bode well for the Open!

The past 2 years have been infuriating. Call it fate, call it bad luck, call it what ever the hell you want…it’s done now. I’m done with it. I’m done with thinking about the ‘what if’s’. I’m done with thinking about whether or not I should bother at all this year – and that though had been at the forefront of my mind A LOT…no more.

Yes, there are some incredible athletes putting up some crazy numbers…that doesn’t bother me. Right now I’m competing against myself, no one else. I am my focus. I need to get to Copenhagen…I need to peak in May. I need to pay back all the support I’ve had from my coach, Jacob Tsypkin. I need to show the CrossFit community how grateful I am for the support they showed by helping me get out to Albany, NY in 2010.


All these things are driving me on. They are the things that make me hold on to the bar longer than I think I can. They are the things that will not allow me fail.





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