CrossFit Games Open 2012 and my relationship with squatting

Training is going well (I hope that’s not a curse!). Knee is fine, shoulder seems to be holding up too! We have made a decision to just give each Open WOD one shot. This will allow me to keep training hard, as doing well in the Open isn’t the main goal here. We are looking to peak for Regionals…which reminds me, I need to renew my passport!

Mondays session:

Squat to a heavy triple



20 minute AMRAP

400m run

10 box jumps, 30″

3 strict muscle ups

8 rounds

It breaks my heart to say this but; I seem to have fallen out of love with back squat. 😦

Last year I used the Texas Method to get my squat up to 200kg. Then, I contracted shingles and it really knocked the wind out of my sails and, seemingly, undid all the hard work! My numbers are pretty much to where they were when I started using TM. There are factors to take into account, obviously. My conditioning volume was VERY low during the TM phase, maybe 2 short conditioning session per week. Whereas now, my conditioning volume is up to 5/7 sessions per week…with LOTS of running! Today saw me run 8x400m around 80 box jumps and 24 strict MUs (and as you all know, running sucks!).

Secondly, shingles attacks your nervous system, and I am still getting pain where the main break out was. My head is still sensitive and my neck/throat area is pretty much numb. 170×3 felt WAAAY heavier than the 190×3 I hit at the end of the TM phase. It’s pretty soul destroying, especially when my front squat doesn’t seem to have been affected. My new 3RM is 150kg and I’ve hit that a few times since getting over the shingles episode. Back squatting just doesn’t float my boat right now and it’s getting me down. We used to have such a good relationship! Each week, I’d add more weight to the bar and each week I’d put up a new PB. It now feels like the bar has moved on and I’m just not good enough any more.


Tomorrow promises to be quite a gasser! So, stay tuned!


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