Another week down!

I need to keep pinching myself! I can’t remember a time, in recent memory, when my training has been going quite so well (and I hope this post doesn’t curse it!).

Before the 2010 UK sectionals I picked up a sports hernia, which was exacerbated by the toes to bar in the second WOD during sectionals. I then flew out to America for the North East Regionals and I popped a rib head so I didn’t compete (I owe a big thanks to John Zimmer for relocating it).

Last year I tore my PCL during The Open, just before WOD 4 – ending another attempt to qualify for The Games!

Here we are, less than 3 weeks from The Open and I feel in pretty good nick! Running WODs seem to be going well, my shoulder problems seem to have passed (I managed to jerk 122.5kg today), and I’m managing to maintain a decent level of strength whilst cramming 5-7 conditioning sessions in a 5 on/1 off schedule. Coach Tsypkin is doing an awesome job! I can’t thank him enough right now!


Clean & Jerk to heavy single



For time:

150 wallball shots, 10kg med ball


Rest precisely 10 minutes

For time:

30 power snatch, 45kg

50 ring dips


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