Rebuilding my snatch – All critique welcomed!

I have a love/hate relationship with the snatch. When you’re in the groove and your timing is perfect, it feels like the most natural movement between athlete and bar.

I have a habit of pulling the bar too high, as I am a little slow getting under the bar – strength isn’t the problem, it’s speed. Coach Tsypkin and I are trying to work in some drills to help – just see yesterdays post.

Here is some video of my No Hands/No Feet snatch and snatch from today. My real focus is waiting for the bar to get into the hip and immediately pulling under, rather than pulling as high as can to give me time get under…it’s a work in progress.



Feel free to give me your insights!


2 thoughts on “Rebuilding my snatch – All critique welcomed!

  1. Big O, I think you are doing the right thing to improve your speed. Its something I have been working on in order to see my Oly lifts go up.

    I did the BWLA level 1 the other week and the main thing they were hot on was building speed undert he bar. If you haven’t already looked into it the reverse chain exercises have been helping me develop speed over recent weeks.

    Reverse chain starts in triple extension with the bar held at sternum height and you dop under the bar with not upward movements, you then take the bar to the belly button and do the same still with no upward movement focus is on getting down. The final movement before moving to mid thigh is to have straight arms still in triple extension and with a shrug and drop getting under the bar as fast as poss.

    If this doesn’t make sense have a look into the reverse chain method (again if you haven’t already) I can do a short vid if you want to see the drills I am doing before each session.

    Cheers big man

    • Oh and in your vid, speed is looking better but it looks like in an attempt to not pull the bar as high and get under it quicker you are cutting off your triple extension a little and not giving yourself enough pull now. Just my opinion pal.

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