Training at a Box

Until you’ve trained in a box you can’t quite understand the focus and intensity it brings. Normally I train at work – I’m fortunate enough to have access to lifting platforms, bars, bumpers, pull-up bars…it’s just like a box…only it’s work, it’s my office. How well would you train at work? 😉

Dan Crisp, in all his awesomeness, has just opened CrossFit Glevum in Gloucester. It’s 20 minutes from where I work and I’m able to get there once a week at the moment. The box is awesome – filled with brand spanking new Rogue Fitness kit from top to bottom…the Rogue wooden rings are a particular favourite! Which brings me neatly onto yesterdays WOD. It was a 10 minute AMRAP including power cleans, muscle ups and pistols…only the power clean was at 120kg and the muscle ups, whilst only 3 reps, were strict. I only missed one clean and all the muscle ups were unbroken…at the end of the 10 minutes I felt like I could have carried that pace on for another 10 minutes.



10min AMRAP

1 power clean, 120kg

3 strict MUs

12 pistols, alternating legs

8 rounds

Thursday (today)

15min AMRAP

15 pull-ups

15 push-ups

15 GHD sit-ups

9 rounds + 30 reps

All reps unbroken…the GHDs slowed me down some though!


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