Donny Shankle – The Don – The 2012 Olympian

This comes from my coach, Jacob Tsypkin. Jacob is lucky enough to get to train with Donny at California Strength on Fridays.

“Donny has a very good chance of being the only male who will represent the U.S. in weightlifting at the 2012 Olympics. Weightlifting is an extremely non-lucrative sport here in the U.S. Even the best lifters hold full time jobs and strugg…le to support themselves. Weightlifting is also a very demanding sport – physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the final months of his preparation for Olympic trials, Donny is asking for donations to help him ease his workload so that he can concentrate on training and recovery. For the last few months, I have had the privilege of training with Donny and his team at California Strength once a week, and I can say that he is a tremendous person to be around: a former Marine and veteran of the Iraq war, a fierce competitor, and inspirational merely through presence. If you can spare a few dollars, I’d like to ask you to head to and donate, to help Donny train harder than ever, and achieve the dream he’s worked so hard for – representing the United States of America in the 2012 Olympic Games.”
The CrossFit community is extremely close nit and can achieve great things. I have first hand experience of this. In 2010, I won the UK CrossFit Games Sectional. However due to my wife getting hit head on by a lorry, whilst 38 weeks pregnant, I was unable to go to the European Regionals in Halmstad. CrossFit HQ kindly arranged for me to attend the North East Regionals in Albany, NY. The worldwide CrossFit community came together and, through very generous donations, paid for my flights and accomodation in the space of 7 days.
As much as I love CrossFit and The CrossFit Games, we are talking about helping an amazing athlete GO TO THE OLYMPICS! I know times are hard but lets help Donny focus all his energy on training rather than worry about working a 9-5 as well.

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