Wednesday is a looong day…oh, and running still sucks!

Wednesdays I leave the house at 6:30am and get home around 10pm – and at the moment it’s a double WOD day. Hence the reason I didn’t post the WODs yesterday…I was too tired.  There’s no real information in the post this morning…I might have thought about something to write by the time I post todays WODs later!

Yesterday (Wednesday), saw more running…YIPEE! The afternoon WOD went down at CrossFit Glevum – a brand spanking new box that officially opens it’s doors, in Gloucester, this coming Monday. If you are local you really need to check it out.


5x800m runs

3mins rest between rounds – Complete 5 strict, weight CTB pull-ups in the rest period

  1. 2:39 – 11kg
  2. 2:48 – 11kg
  3. 2:47 – 11kg
  4. 2:49 – 11kg
  5. 2:54 – 11kg


10 rounds for time

3 MUs

250m row


I missed a MU in round six which gave my a horrible neural pain down through my elbow and fingers. It worried me slightly as my shoulder has just started to feel much better. THANKFULLY there doesn’t seem to have been any repercussions this morning!



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