Prowler Flu

For those who don’t already know, the Urban Dictionary states that Prowler Flu is:
This is a disease to which there is no known cure and people willing contract it.
Let me explain how it works…
You take, an already heavy, sled (most weigh in around 40-45kg). Then you drop some bumper plates on top. Then you push the damn thing , as fast as you can, over a prescribed distance. Some prowlers have high and low handles so you can push from both sides. Pushing from the low side will cause you to contract a far more aggressive strain of the disease. You  can expect to come off the low handles and immediately experience dizziness and partial sight loss which can last several minutes.
Now, unfortunately, unlike other illness your immune system cannot build up immunity to this terrible disease – in fact it has been proven that your body will become totally dependent on the prowler and you’ll feel an overriding sensation to load the prowler with even more weight!  Fortunately, there are great benefits to be found from contracting Prowler Flu…honestly!
Using the prowler will develop your hip/leg strength and endurance, you’ll also see great gains in your conditioning level and your mental strength – there’s nothing more daunting than standing in front of a heavy ass prowler with 40m in front of you!
There’s something about the prowler that makes for an amazing atmosphere. At the CrossFit Velocity Games Divided We Fall Games 2010 there was a team prowler relay, outside, in the rain, in November…it was amazing! People getting soaked to the bone, in the glorious Welsh weather screaming encouragement to the athletes, some of which were contracting their first case of Prowler Flu. If you haven’t got a Prowler at your box, maybe it’s time? If you’re worried about being able to afford the vaccinations – don’t worry…they won’t work!
I contracted Prowler Flu myself, again, today. It was made all the worse by having to push the prowler on a running track surface – to which the prowler becomes very attached and doesn’t want to move!
15min AMRAP:
30m Prowler + 30kg (15m high handles, 15m low handles)
12 burpees
12 GHD sit-ups
3 rounds + 28m
The Prowler Flu symptoms were exacerbated by the burpees and the GHD’s…the dizziness and nausea were quite violent!
5km run
The run felt much better than last week…and 1:02 faster!
Now listen up, people. Prowler Flu is real, regardless of what any doctors say, AND it is necessary to be exposed to it on a regular basis if you want to see your Athletic Evolution take a HUGE forward leap!

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