TGI Friday

My body is glad it’s Friday! This week has seen the reintroduction of double WODs AND longer runs! After today’s WOD, I’m not looking forward to seeing how my legs respond…



Take 5 minutes to establish a max ground-to-shoulder. You may warm-up prior to your first attempt, but at the start of your 5 minute timer, the bar must be empty. You may have plates at the ready by your bar.

Immediately after your 5 minutes is up, move on to:

4 rounds for time:
10 L-pullups
10 back squats, 85kg
10 box jumps, 30″
10 wall ball, 10kg to 12′ target

Total time: 15:30

I maxed the ground to shoulder at 140kg – hitting a 135kg power clean in the process…a 5kg PB! Who says CrossFit makes you weak!?

Have a great weekend people…


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