Today was a good day

Today saw us really ramp up preparation for The CrossFit Games Open…and hopefully Regionals.  We are now working 2 days of double WODs to get some more volume in and to prep the body for mutliple WODs in a day i.e. Regionals.

The other great thing is that Athletic Evolution paid a visit to CrossFit Glevum, in Gloucester. It’s the first box in the county and it is promising to be a cracker! A big box with plenty of floor space and HUGE rig, lots of Rogue kit and a great owner in Dan Crisp.

I’ve never had regular access to a box but I have always hit lifting and benchmark PBs when training in a box, so it can only mean good things, right?



5 rounds for time

7 deadlift, 140kg

21 double unders



5min AMRAP

Strict pull-ups, 15kg

37 reps

rest 5 mins

5min AMRAP

8 KB swings, 32kg

8 T2B

6 rounds + 10 reps 

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